I’m Ernst Cenege an entrepreneur, co-founder (seriously, I was born in the Caribbean). I started Personal Finances Guide with the ideas of i wish i knew about the topic of finance in my early age.  At a time where my financial life was out of balance. And i feel that i need to make a major shift.

It was time to stop acting like I had it all together and start getting it together.

I’m passionate as wealth creation, Finance and Investment and i found the need to embark in this journey and meanwhile helping others a long the way.


Our Story

Money is a tough topic that most family dont spend time to. And a lot of us have so many myth about Money , we assume it is so dramatic to make part of our conversation that we don’t seek to gain the knowledge. 

I know how it feels to be ashamed about not having enough money, and that’s why I take charge on this journey of  Personal Finances Guide. My goal is to help you break the cycle of living less than you can possible be so that you can live with excitment, not worry about what tomorrow will be and do more of what you love.


I am committed to helping you.


About Our Company

Personal Finance Guide  is one of the many personal finance education platforms for men. and we have the drive for excellence in financial industry.

Personal Finance Guide has commitment to find proven path and competency in providing financial education to young that want to excel at the highest level with the industry best practices and research-based education principles.


We are The mission to aimed up high at being a provider of financial education for men in needed of personal financial guidance. We will support  with cutting edge tools and materials to build financial confidence and conscience money master to enable them to make better decisions for the future lives and family.


Empower yourself financially with our free resources!

We offer personal finance educations, informative articles, and insightful content. You’ll also be part of a supportive community.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Fun and Engaging: Learn without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Relatable content: We understand your challenges.
  • Non-judgmental Support: We’re here to help you reach your goals, not judge your starting point.

Our dedicated team is passionate about empowering men to take control of their finances, become accountable, conscience debt holder, Invest money, and build lasting wealth.



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